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GoldenRide Freeride Company

Golden Ride — is a team of Ukrainian pro riders: freeride guides and certified instructors. For us, snowboarding, skiing and biking, mountain hiking and travelling is both a hobby and a profession. This is an integral part of life and we are equally serious and passionate about our development in this area.

By contacting us, you find yourself with a team of people who undergo appropriate training, combine such a diverse experience of professions – from guides, instructors, rescuers, climbers, etc. Therefore, we try to organize everything at a professional level and transfer our experience and skills to you. And we are sincerely happy when you, our GoldenRiders, are making progress.

Golden Ride programmes

Freeride tours, Catskiing at Dragobrat

We have our snowcat on Dragobrat. We have developed lots of new freeride routes, launched Catski Freeride – snowcat tours to remote skiing areas.

  • Full day skiing 10:00 – 16:00,
  • From 8 off-piste slopes from different peaks,
  • More than 20 km roll and 4000 m drop,
  • Group of 8-16 people, 2 professional guides,
  • Avalanche equipment.

Freeride school

Freeride Basics course, for advanced and experienced riders, learn to ride correctly with a guide.

  • Riding technique: advanced elements, error correction;
  • Freeride tactics: choice of descent line, weather conditions, snow conditions;
  • Avalanche safety: forecasting, studying snow layers, avalanche equipment.

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Backcountry camps, ski touring and expeditions

For experienced riders, we do backcountry freeride and ski tour in exotic locations – Chornohorskiy ridge (Spitsy, Hoverla, PopIvan), Caucasus, Tien Shan and other locations.

Summer trekking and hiking, mountain biking

Organization of both your programs and the selection of individual tours according to the requirements of the group.

What you get?

  • Exclusivity – we want you not to just come to the resort and pass the time corny, as it happens in the usual template tours – we will show you the mountains as they really are, and not only from the hotel window or the top lift station. You will get to know the mountains “from the inside”, because we have managed to significantly expand our experience – we live in the mountains and know their mysterious laws and regulations.
  • Safety – we pay special attention to this. You will be insured in trusted companies, ride with experienced drivers, our excursions are registered with the mountain rescue service, our team has a guide, mountain rescuer and paramedic. We take freeride seriously and assess all the risks associated with avalanche safety and other factors – we choose safe lines for descent.
  • Professional approach – certified instructors of APSIU, experienced freeride guides and mountain guides. Only with professionals you will not be distracted by extraneous things and will be able to bring your skiing technique to a new level.
  • Sincerity – you will understand that skiing should be fun and spend time with like-minded people, because it is much better if we can share all this joy with friends. That is why we are a friendly team of riders, we want you to also become a part of it and share with us the thrill of adrenaline, the emotions of riding, the drive at apress-ski parties!

We do not just organize tours to the mountains, but we do our best to distract you from work in the office, dusty city streets and gray high-rise buildings for a few days and touch the unbridled wilderness, see breathtaking views and take with you a lot of such unique impressions, which You will share in the company and in response to you with open eyes they will say: “Wow!”.

You can see everything about our activities in photos, videos and other reports in social networks:

Do you want to freeride?

We want to convey to riders that it is necessary to correctly and comprehensively approach off-piste skiing – freeriding. This is extreme, therefore, first of all, safety and a clear organization are important for us.

We make sure that you, in turn, also progress and increase your level of skiing, because in freeriding you can often encounter not only a soft, deep and crumbly powder, but also crust, ice and other “delights”. Only with good technique will you enjoy skiing to the fullest. We, in turn, are trying to turn freeriding from ordinary off-piste skiing into a full-fledged and exciting journey to places where you do not often meet ordinary tourists..

You will significantly expand your boundaries, go beyond boring tracks, discover a lot of new things and continue to develop. We are ready to share all this with you!


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