Фрирайд на Драгобрате
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unique freeride program

Dragobrat freeride program with guides

More than 8 freeride locations on Svydovets ridge

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школа фрирайда
Drahobrat, Carpathians

technique · tactics and choosing the right line · avalanche safety

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скитур на драгобрате
Guided ski-touring and splitboarding

Drahobrat, Hoverla, Petros and other regions

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Guided freeride at Drahobrat:
catskiing, freeride school and skitouring in ukrainian Carpathians

Catski freeride at Drahobrat

Golden Ride has been one of the first to start cat-skiing on Dragobrat. Our guides are the authors of the most popular freeride routes on Dragobrat and for the last 10 years have been actively discovering and developing freeride in Ukraine.  

We offer:

  • Professional guides! We are qualified specialists with proper education and huge experience working in different mountains. We are locals and know where to find the best snow for you and where to ride safely. Read more about us 
  • New freeride routes! We know so many unique places and are ready to show you the Dragobrat you have never seen before.


Catski safari at Drahobrat is:

  • Big day of riding с 10:00 до 16:00;
  • Comfortable powerfull snowcat with a warm panoramic view passenger cabin;
  • Two cualified guides: lead and tail;
  • Quorum up to 16 participants;
  • Unlimited number of snowcat rides: 10+ locations on a Svidovets ridge, houndreds of new different offpiste runs;
  • Avalanche equipment (transceivers) included;
  • Every event is registered in a Mountain Rescue Service, satellite communication, first aid kit.

Keep calm and ride Drag!

Freeride school

Weekly 5-day programme gives you a perfect opportunity to upgrade freeride skills and fix mistakes to ride easily and confidently on each terrain and any snow condition. You will also learn the basics of avalanche safety and get the needed knowledge to plan your own safe freeride trip. And most importantly – you’ll train all these skills riding the most interesting freeride locations with the best snow under the guidance of experienced coaches.


During 5 days in freeride school:

  • Upgrade your riding technique, fix mistakes
  • Learn the freeride tactique and know how to choose the right line
  • Get acquainted with the avalanche basics: the form factors of avalanches, forecasting, rescuing
  • Ride with experienced local guides who will lead your progress
  • Train in locations with the best snow of this region!
  • One day of catski freeride included
Школа фрирайда на Драгобрате

Skitour and backcountry in Carpathians

Climb the summit and ride the slopes where there are no ski lifts and even catskis. We propose ski touring programmes of different levels: both for those who want to try something new for the first time and for experienced riders. Plunge into the world of a true backcountry – this is the way to discover the true wilderness of the mountains! Leave your own signature on the untouched slope and enjoy each meter of your deserved ride.


In our ski touring and backcountry programmes:

  • Skitour on Svidovets ridge – where even catski won’t get you
  • Freeride on mt. Hoverla and Petros mnt
  • Freeride in Marmaros 
  • Freeride on “Shpitsy and Rebra mnt” 
  • Backcountry camp Dzembronya (PipIvan mnt)
Skitour carpathians

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